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Synchronisation de la télécommande Acton Blink (how to re-sync the remote controller)

Step 0. Switch ON the board through the whole process. Connect Bluetooth of the board with the ACTON App.

Step 1. Switch OFF (just) the remote. Switch the remote to the reverse = R position. Slide the button above the battery to Left Position (tortoise mode). Go to ACTON app
For Android: Go to Status tab. Press the remote icon on the right and press YES
For iOS: Go to your dashboard then click skateboard name in red area (serial number by default). Press the skateboard icon on the top left of the screen. Press ‘Repair a new remote’ and then press ‘YES’.

Step 2: While pulling the joystick back (brake position), switch ON the remote.

Step 3: You can see the Blue LED on the remote blinking at a higher frequency than normal showing the remote is paired.

Step 4: Slide the button above the battery back to the right position (hare = lièvre mode). Put the remote back to forward mode.
The remote is paired with the Blink!